RugArt is specialised in rug restoration and rug cleaning with years of experience and dedication. It is not just a job we do, it is also a passion. You can rest assured that your rug is in right hands as we certainly appereciate the value of rugs and we guarantee all our work.


Over usage and age, your rug may start loosing some of its pile, knots may become loose, holes may appear or fringes - side cords may come off. Like any other woven material, rugs can be repaired or restored. Any repair or restoration job, when done properly, will look excatly same as the rest of the rug.

Repairing rugs require a skilled craftsmen with attention to detail, knowledge of rugs and experience. We have expert repairers who have good understanding of fibres, dyes, weaving technics and characteristics of rugs. Once we see your rug and inspect it throughly to determine what needs to be done, we will advise you on various options available for your rug and provide you with a written quotation. We take pride in our work and guarantee great results.


Cleaning is a simple job, at RugArt, wool or silk rugs are cleaned excatly as they meant to be, as it has been done for hundreds of years. It is all hard manual work, knowing what to do and how to do. Each rug treated according to its characteristics after carefully analysing the kind of fibre, dye, age and knotting. Step by step instructions about how we clean rugs can be found here.

Rug cleaning is provided at £25 per square meter for wool and £45 for silk rugs. To find out how much your rug's cleaning will cost, you can give us a call or follow the steps below:
1. Measure your rug's width and lenght in meters
lets say your rug is 2 meters by 3 meters
2. Multiply W x L, this will give you square meter figure
2 x 3 = 6 square meters
3. Multiply £25 x square meter
£25 x 6 = £150

Promt collection and delivery is included in this price.


"Dear RugArt, I have been delighted by the way you have cleaned my three rugs which are transformed. They were very dirty and the colours are now a joy to behold. Also I was very impressed by the knowledge and passion you have for your subject. You collected and delivered them back to me on your own with no fuss although they were very heavy.
Thank you, I will certainly recommend you to anyone wanting valuable rugs cleaned."

Lady June FINLAY | London W9

"Dear RugArt, I write to say how delighted we are with the restoration you have carried out on our Afghan carpet. It has considerable sentimental value but we were concerned that wear and tear over the years meant that its useful life might be finite. We had had some rather poor repairs carried out many years ago and your splendid work only shows just how bad they were. It looks superb with vibrant colour again and it's a real pleasure to use it. Many thanks for your excellent service.
Yours Sincerely"

Sir Peter DIXON | London N1

"RugArt expert’s enthusiasm was infectious, and his expertise was a revelation to us. We learned in detail about the history of the rugs he repaired for us, and the quality of his workmanship was outstanding. The rugs were returned to us transformed, and we are delighted. Unreservedly recommended."
Prof Susan JAMES and Prof Quentin SKINNER | London N1

"I recommend Rug Art without reservation. This is a thoroughly professional service with meticulous hand crafted repair work by dedicated experts. They are extraordinarily knowledgeable and passionate about giving personal attention to the customer's requirements."
Peter SNOW CBE | London SW13

"It gives me pleasure to recommend the RugArt company for the high quality rug cleaning and restoration they have demonstrated in working on our rugs.
Mr Yavuz advised us about a beautiful old rug my wife had inherited from her parents. He identified it as a fine example of a rug from Shirvan, though it also had design elements from Shiraz. The rugs he had cleaned and restored for us were so well done that the restoration work was barely visible.
We much appreciated Mr Yavuz’s knowledge and reliability,and found dealings with him to be most satisfactory."

Richard Pankhurst, Professor. Formerly Director of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University, and some time Librarian of the Royal Asiatic Society, London.
Prof Richard PANKHURST | London NW3

"I am so pleased to have clean carpets after so many years of them accumulating dust. We have a large collection of Central Asian rugs that we bought in obscure parts of the region, as well as many and Turkish kilims-this first batch of 8 we had cleaned now look better than ever, and I’m sure the next batch will be equally well-treated. Their expert is a delight to speak to, and I feel confident in the methods and care they take with our textiles. "
Dr Ruth MANDEL | London N7
Reader in Anthropology | UCL

"Over the past 6 weeks 'RUGART' has repaired and cleaned 2 rugs for me and have done a fantastic job on both.
I now know where to go in the future!!! Warm regards."
Franca KNOWLES MBE | Maidenhead SL6

"Dear RugArt, It is here! Thank you so much it looks (and feels) great. Your service and communication has been excellent. I would be very happy to recommend Rugart.
Thanks again"

Claire DAVIES | Farnham GU9

"I want to thank you for cleaning and renovating my previously tired and stained Aubusson rug. The rug had been subject to extremely heavy use, it seemed to be beyond repair and I had rather lost hope that it could ever be restored. However, after your specialist care I can now see colours and detail which I haven’t seen for many, many years. I had a very pleasant surprise indeed when I unpacked it and laid it out.
Many thanks indeed for your kind and considerate service. I would be only too happy to recommend your services to other potential customers.
Kind Regards"

Dr A J BROOKES | London EC3R

"Dear Rug Art, from our very first contact with your company, we have been very impressed. We had a very loved rug, purchased on our honeymoon in Tunisia 30 years ago. The time had come either to have the rug restored or to throw it away, which would have been heartbreaking. Your initial e mail requested photos & after we sent these we received a very prompt estimate & so the decision was made, a face lift! We live in Hampshire and were worried about collection, detailed instructions about how to pack our rug were emailed to us & UPS collected the rug at the specified time. The rug was restored BEAUTIFULLY and then cleaned and returned to us again by UPS at the stated time - we are absolutely delighted with the result.
We will not hesitate to recommend your company, we are so pleased we found you.
With very best wishes "
Dawn HALE | Southampton SO31

"Dear Rugart, I was wholly delighted with the work done on my silk Kashmiri carpet. The invisible repair was expertly done and the cleaning really brought a very dull carpet back to its original glowing life. I was also delighted with the total efficiency of the operation. As I live some way from London, the carpet had to be packed up and couriered to RugArt, but I was given exact instructions of what to do, and everything happened exactly when it should, so the whole process was easy and anxiety-free.
Thank you!"
Dr Frances MANNSAKER | Lincolnshire LN5

"Dear Yavuz, Thank you for the excellent service that you gave to us in cleaing our Afghan kelim. You have given it new life and added to its beauty. Also I very much enjoyed our conversation about oriental rugs and I was charmed by your love of carpets combined with your excellent knowledge about them. I would like to take you up on your offer to bring a few rugs to our house so that we can choose some more.
Overall I have never had such an enjoyable and fruitful interaction over rugs before.
With Best Wishes"
Prof John MARTIN | London SE1
Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine | UCL
Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine (Cardiology) | Yale

"Dear RugArt, we write to say how thrilled we are with our rejuvenated rug. As we told you, it had been rolled up in the attic for 30 years, and as you could see, it was black with filth. When it returned from cleaning, we could hardly believe its transformation into an object of great beauty and delicate colours. Your knowledge of the rugs origins, your enthusiasm for it, and the way in which you explained the patterns, have made it so much more interesting and valuable to us. The careful repair work you have done to the ends, and to some small tears will ensure its survival for many more years.
Thank you so much"
Claire L’ENFANT and Nicholas CAVANAGH | London WC1

"We had been given a large Turkish rug that friends had been storing in a leaking outbuilding for the past 10 years, it was in a terrible condition. We could tell that it had been of decent quality and would fit very well in the sitting room of our home that we have just finished renovating. Living in very rural Wiltshire we are lacking in experts locally to help and after a short time on Google we found RugArt, how lucky we were! We made an initial call to ask if it was something they could help with and thereafter communication was all done via email. They arranged for the rug to be collected and delivered to them in London where they examined it and emailed us a very helpful letter and quotation advising what needed to be done and providing a price for cleaning alone and also additional prices for varying degrees of repair. We agreed to go ahead with all that they advised and 3 weeks later our rug was delivered back to us. It looks fantastic, what a great job they have done, we are so very pleased with it and would highly recommend Yavuz and the RugArt team to anyone else."
Jo & Bryan MILLER | Wiltshire BA12

"It's been an absoulute pleasure to deal with RugArt: Prompt and polite emails, well organised pick-up and delivery, and beautiful cleaning of my Turkish rug. I also very much appreciate the advice I got about the rug and how to best take care of it.
Highly recommended!"
Dr Kristin M. BAKKE | London N1

"Dear RugArt, our rug is back in situ and we couldn't be more pleased. It is back to its original glowing vibrant colours and looks wonderful. The service we received from your company has been exemplary and I have no hesitation at all in recommending your services.
Many, many thanks"
Jane SPRAKE | Suffolk IP12

"We have been away and I am sorry that i have not been able to write to you before now. However, I would I would like to say how much my wife and I appreciate the care and skill that RugArt have invested in the restoration of our rug. We would have no hesitation in recommending RugArt to anyone looking to have a carpet restored.
Peter JAMIESON | London N6

"Dear Rugart, I have opened the rug parcel today and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your staff. I can hardly believe these beauties are my old and, I must say, rather smelly rugs. Your service and communication has been excellent and I couldn't be more delighted. I recommend you without hesitation. Thank you once again. Please feel free to use this as one of your reviews. best wishes"
Jean TAYLOR | Hertfordshire SG6

"Just want to thank you again for the excellent work you have done once again on my rugs. Here is my review:
I just moved to London June 2011 from the United States and did not know anyone to ask about recommendations for cleaning rugs. I took a chance and used Rug Art after doing research on the Internet. Their web site seemed informative and the reviews from customers seemed positive. That chance payed off! I have now used them twice, Here is what you can expect: reliability, fair pricing, excellent service. I have two dogs, so my rugs needed a real thorough cleaning. Their expert not only explained to me how he would clean the rugs and what i could realistically expect after the cleaning, I learned a lot about design, composition and history of the rugs.
The reason Rug Art does such a great job is they know rugs and have a passion for them. I highly recommend Rug Art. True artisans and honest businessmen."
Mary MOTTA | London NW3

"Rugart have made a wonderful job of restoring three rugs that have been in my family for nearly a century. I can now enjoy them to the full and pass them on to the next generation.
Best Wishes"
Tim BLACKBURN | London SW18

"We've had three Persian carpets cleaned by Rugart this summer and we have been delighted with the results. Yavuz’s knowledge and passion for his work is very re-assuring. I have no hesitation in recommending Rugart to others because they provide a personal and professional service, examine the carpets in detail and discuss the work they carry out, so that clients understand the processes involved and what to expect when their carpets are returned to them.
I would not trust my carpets to anyone else."
Dr F CAMYAB | London KT1

"RugArt has been a joy to deal with. Collection and delivery were seamlessly easy and well organised. But best of all was the cleaning of the rugs. My silk rug is shining again and I feel that it is again looking its best. I have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone who is interested in an expert professional clean for their treasured rugs.
With best regards and many thanks"
Nada FAIRIS | Winchester SO23

"I cannot recommend Rug Art highly enough. We stumbled upon them purely by google and managed to find simply the best man for the job! Yavuz was so professional and thanks to him our carpet now looks brand new! The tassels one one side of our Silk Turkish rug had almost completely come off and Yavuz and his team managed to re-do all the fringing. Ontop of that they cleaned the rug beautifully. He also picked it up and dropped it back off at our house again in 10 days which was a great service!"
Helen CUTT | London NW1

"I cannot recommend you enough for managing to clean our puppy soiled rug. I was rather dubious that you would be able to get the stain out but when it was returned to us 3 weeks later I was over joyed that you had managed to remove the stain completely!!! Can't thank you enough!!!"
Hazel & Kevin DUNNE | Hertfordshire WD17

"A great service provided by obvious experts who love rugs. I thought my very faded silk rug was beyond redemption, but its colours have been wonderfully restored. I will now give them my moth-eaten Berber rug so that they can weave some more magic!"
Sue SANDERS | London N13

"I found RugArt online, gave them a call, appointment was arranged right away. I had my rug picked up by UPS the next day, had it restored and delivered back to me looking fantastic. Communication was great, restoration process was described in great detail with photographs. Great craftsmenship, thank you very much RugArt, I will certainly recommend to others."
Graham CLARK | Liverpool L3

"I am absolutely delighted with the restoration of my 19th century saddlebag rug. While retaining its original integrity, the repair work and restoration have brought it back to life, the repairs using the original threads are almost invisible and the craftsman ship impeccable."
David CRAIG | London NW6

"Hiya, I’ve just unwrapped my cleaned rug and am delighted with both the stain and smell removal. The cat will now be allowed nowhere near it!"
Judith SECKER | Oxford OX2

"I couldn't recommend RugArt more highly. The rug expert who assessed my rugs was so knowledgeable and helpful, and the service excellent with prompt pick up and return of my carpets. I had a very dirty kilim cleaned immaculately and the cleaning and miraculous restoration of an old and much loved carpet. This carpet needed re fringing, and has been done to a standard that has to be seen to be believed, work involving thousands of hand knots done meticulously and greatly enhancing the beauty of the carpet. Brilliant work, thanks."
Claire HALKYARD | London SW6

"Thank you SO much for the amazing job you did on our rug! I arrived home and it looks so bright and clean I thought I had a new rug - never remember it being that colour before. Thank you also for the great service, texting, messages and especially collection and delivery which really helped. I can't recommend your workmanship and service enough.
Sally THEODORE | London SW11

"I had four rugs for cleaning and repair, RugArt was the most professional company contacted.
Their rug expert came to my home in Hertfordshire inspected each rug, gave an assessment of the repair/treatment each item needed and wrote-out a detailed quotation.
The superbly cleaned and repaired rugs were returned and placed in my home and I have no hesitation in recommending RugArt for their expertise and service."

Roy TALBOT | Hertfordshire AL2

"Dear RugArt, I would like to thank you for doing such a brilliant job of cleaning my cream rug. I am amazed that every single stain has been removed and it looks like new. The turnaround was also very quick and the punctual collection and delivery were a great help. It is clear that you really know a lot about rugs and your advice about purchasing one was very helpful.
I would not hesitate to recommend you to any prospective customers both for cleaning and buying rugs.
Many thanks"

Lynn WINTON | London N2

We have a large rug that was in dire need of cleaning and some TLC. It had been in storage for a while and moths had taken up residence. Embarrassingly, it had also acquired an unpleasant smell! The edges had been poorly bound in a repair from the past and we chose to have this rectified too. Their expert was so helpful and forthcoming with advice and his knowledge is impressive. You feel confident that your rug is in the right hands immediately.
The service was great. Collection was quick and when our rug was delivered back to us it was a shock to see the difference expert cleaning can make. The colours looked fabulous again and all trace of the stale odour had vanished (I confess, I smelt it all over!). The edges were reborn and that vastly improved the rugs overall appearance.
We are extremely happy with the result. First class service and expertise. Thank you again"

Mary FOREMAN | London N19

"We can highly recommend the cleaning and repair service provided by Rug Art. We have just had our two 35 year old Turkish wool carpets cleaned and repaired (moth damage)by Rug Art and are delighted with the results. We valued their knowledge, experience and high quality advice and would definitely use their service again."
Brenda and Pieter Van Der KOOY | TW11 London

"We purchased a lovely small Kashmir rug while in India recently. Our problem was that it had been very nicely folded and packed to take on board our plane back to Canada. When we arrived home and unpacked it we discovered that the fold marks were quite visible We looked quickly through Google to see what advice we could get. We found and contacted RugArt first. We were impressed by their photos and advice on line and even discovered a photo that resembled our problem. RugArt was very prompt in getting back to us with several suggestions. We now have a rug that is flat and looks very nice in our living room.
Thank you RugArt for your promp and kindly advice to us. Even though we are a long way from London we appreciate the time you took to get back to us."

Pat and Bernie HAMBLY | Canada

"Hi RugArt, The rug arrived on Tuesday. We're really pleased with it. Thank you very much for the work you have put in. The fringing looks really good and it also looks really clean.

Irene COFFEY | Southend On Sea SS0

"I was extremely pleased with the results of the cleaning of my Afghan rug. There had been a bit of bleeding of the colour, but the rug really needed cleaning. I was a bit concerned that the colour would bleed more if cleaned, but gave it a go. I was amazed that when the rug came back it looked absolutely super - even more amazing, the original colour bleeding had gone.
Really impressed, thank you. Also a good job cleaning and repairing my favourite Tabriz Persian carpet. They say 'a stitch in time saves nine', and I think that was the case with this carpet. Very competitively priced and professional service - and thank you for collecting and delivering on Saturday when I was at home."

Charles TYLER | London SE1

"Thank you for the excellent job you did cleaning my rugs and also the very efficient service, regards"
Leila DUBOW | London N14

"My feedback would be that the quality of service is excellent and that it's given a rug that was destined for the bin a new lease of life. It looks almost brand new again.
Many Thanks"
Amanda NASH | St Albans AL3

"Thank you for the high quality, professional and courteous service"
Dr Richard PIERCY | London NW5

"I thought our long pile Moroccan rug was ruined. You have brought it up like new. Amazing. Must clean the one in our shop in Mayfair. Thank you"
Barbara TIPPLE | Portsmouth PO5

"RugArt has just returned our antique Karabagh Kilim, which has been beautifully mended and washed, so that the colour is more vibrant than before and the central medallion, which had been badly mended in the past, now looks perfect.
Two years ago RugArt completed an even more taxing restoration of our other Karabagh Kilim and we were delighted with the result, which is why we sought out RugArt a second time.
Not only is he sklllful but also a delight to deal with and completely reliable; I have no hesitation at all in recommending him and his company for truly professional rug restoration and cleaning."
Francesca SIMON | London SW1

"My rather tatty, frayed on one end and dirty Kilim is now unrecognisable after being repaired and cleaned by RugArt. I had almost decided to dump it and get a new one but thought I would give RugArt a try. So glad I did as all the colours are properly visible and the frayed end looks strong and secure. It looks like it did when I bought it 20 years ago!
I would definitely recommend them. "
Nini HITCHMAN | London TW10

"I am delighted to recommend Rug Art. They cleaned and repaired rugs for my new home and it has made all the difference. A very friendly, efficient and professional service.
Thank you "
Claude COOPERSMITH | Bournemouth BH4

"Dear People at Rugart,
A very warm thank you to everyone for bringing the vibrancy back to my rug. The rug is off to sunnier climes and will look wonderful in its new home. Thank you for doing a fantastic job! The whole process was handled with courtesy, expertise and an impressive level of professionalism. I would fervently recommend anyone with a rug in need of some tender loving care to make Rugart their first choice.
Kind Regards"
Francziska WISNIEWSKA | London SW16

"Hi RugArt, the carpet has been delivered and I’m really thrilled with what you have managed to achieve – thank you so very much..
Kind Regards"
Ros TOWNSEND | London N8

"I had been looking for sometime for a craftsman who could handstitch a border on a wall to wall fitted carpet, the way I had it done twenty years or so ago. Unsuccessfully, it seemed as a lost skill. Until I came across RugArt who carried out this specific job to my entire satisfaction."
S TOURRES | London SW7

"Dear RugArt, we received our rug back on friday. We are really pleased with the result. We think that it looks better now than when we first purchased it! I will certainly recommend your service to my friends, and be using you again in the near future for another rug. Many thanks."
Sally COREN | Billingshurst RH14

"Thank you for the rugs, your have completely transformed my lovely old one. Thank you very much."
Penny FORBES ADAM | London W11

"I trusted RugArt for the repair and cleaning of my silk carpet and I am delightful to recommend them. The service was price competitive, absolutely perfect and fast. The repair was carried in a most professional manner and the cleaning provided great results. On top, RugArt manager gave me excellent advice on the process and what was the best options to achieve the desired result. His skills in ancient rugs and repairs was really useful. Thanks a lot."
Bruno VINEL | London SW5

"I am now about the break the habit of a lifetime and leave feedback. The reason? A genuinely first class service & experience from Yavuz & his RugArt team.
I have a 1960s Mendini 'Kandinsky' rug that my father had left me. This rug, after years of (shameful) neglect from me, was covered in stains & eaten through by moths in a dozen different places. To make matters worse, the rug is / was white, with some very brightly coloured patterns on it. Frankly I had all but given up hope that it could even be restored to a semi useable condition. In the very best case scenario, I thought that the patterns would become very faded after the full wash to have any chance of returning the rug to anywhere near its original white.
The results after Yavuz had given it the full wash & dry, and repaired by hand all the weaves that had been eaten? Quite simply a rug perfectly restored to its original state. The white is flawless, & carries a lovely sheen. The colours did not fade at all. The missing weaves all perfect restored and completely invisible from both the top & bottom. It is really hard to overstate how well this rug has been restored. Beyond my wildest hopes.
Needless to say, Yavuz was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Always prompt & punctual. He also took the time to explain the whole process & how he & the team planned to restore it. After the wash, he then sent me photos showing me all the damaged areas that they planned to fix.
Yavuz, please feel free to post before & after pictures to show what a radical difference there is. Indeed, should anyone be in any doubt, please feel free to send me an email & I will explain everything in more detail.
For price, service & quality, this has been by far the most pleasant surprise of 2012. Yavuz - I really can't thank you enough."

Godric WALKER | London N1

"Thank you so much. The rug looks and feels great again, despite years of abuse from the dogs. I would recommend your services to anyone.
Kind regards."

Sacha THOMAS | London N2

"Dear RugArt, Thanks for the delivery of the blue rug. It looks superb. We very much appreciate the work your company have done to clean up our rugs and in particular your dedication to getting things just right and taking every trouble to do so! With every good wish. "
Keith and Maureen SWANWICK | Hertfordshire AL5

"RugArt are professionals with a passions; they know their stuff. I had my Moroccan rug cleaned after liquid spilt on it and some of the dye had run. I spoke to Yavuz who explained what could be done, I was really impressed with his knowledge and honesty. I am delighted with the results and would definitely use them again, thank you for a great service."
Caitlin MORROW | London SW2

"I used RugArt recently to clean a carpet that I bought 7 years ago in India. I am amazed at the result. The carpet looks as good as new. The vibrancy of the colours has returned and the pile feels so soft.
I found the company friendly, professional and reliable. Collection and delivery occurred within the 3 hour slot I was given, which was very helpful. An assessment of what was required was made at my home and I was given advice about on-going care and maintenance. In addition I found the prices competitive.
I will use this company again and recommend it to my friends. It provided me with an excellent service."
Christine | London SW15

"Hi, Just to say the rugs arrived safely and they look fantastic. The colours are so much richer now they have been cleaned and the repairs have given a new lease of life to the oldest rug.
Many thanks"
Sue HARMER | Oxford OX4

"RugArt is a brilliant service - two expensive but very dirty and damaged rugs were restored and cleaned and now have pride of place in our home! Both rugs were picked up and re-delivered with an on-site assesment of the damage and cost, they are real experts. Very happy indeed and highly recommended."
Simon MULLER and Esther HALL | London E2

"Dear RugArt,Thank you for all the time you spent rejuvinating my persian and oriental rugs which have now been restored to their original beauty. Kindest Regards"
Bernard & Lucia KAYE | London NW7

"I sent my Gabbeh to RugArt feeling confident that it was going to the right place as they have the expertise and knowledge to clean and repair the damage that had been caused by moths. I am delighted with the finished result - it looks as good as new once again. I can highly recommend Rugart's helpful and courteous service and excellent workmanship."
Sally GRAY | Winchester SO23

"The cleaned rugs all look really good back in situ, with a new lease of life and colour. Many thanks for such an excellent piece of cleaning and repair work on all five rugs."
Catherine CAMERON | London N1

"I was very impressed with the service from Rug Art. They picked up my rug which had been suffering from the attention of my puppies and brought it back in pristine condition. They managed to remove all the stains and it looks as good as new! I would recommend them to anyone."
Kim TURNER | London SW6

"I have no hesitation in recommending Rugart. From the presentation of their website to the rug cleaning itself, they give a highly professional and courteous service."
Angela STARLING | London EC2

"We have now put down the carpets you cleaned for us and we are absolutely astounded. We did explain to you that some of the carpets were in a very dirty condition on account of the building work in the house. We delayed too long in rolling up some of them and the dust created just got carried through the house before we realized. They are mostly the paler Ziegler style of carpet and thought that they may present you with a bit of a challenge, although you were confident they would clean well. We need not have worried. The colours are as vibrant as when new and the restored feel of them is astonishing ."

We are very pleased, not only with the finished product, but with the whole experience of dealing with Rugart which we found to be courteous and highly professional.
Thank you"
Roger and Eileen HURP | Surrey GU15

"Hello RugArt, just to let you know we are very pleased with the result of your cleaning of our rug. Thank you, Kind Regards"
Ian Henniker SMITH | West Sussex RH12

"Dear RugArt, Thank you most sincerely for your helpful comments and your very kind efforts to help me. You are most generous, and I am heartened by your clear integrity.
I was ready to send the carpet to you, and take whatever advise/solution you thought best.
I really do appreciate your open approach, and will most certainly recommend your services. I am an interior designer, and therefore have dealings with various households, whom I am sure will be pleased to know of someone with such a passion and professionalism.
Again, I thank you, very much. I will attempt to do justice with your helpful tips. Best regards"
Katharine RUDDOCK | London NW8

"Just seen the rug in daylight! Loads better and amazed you got all the bits out from between the pile. Many Thanks"
Joanna TRUSSLER | St. Albans AL5

"Thank you for returning my Kermanshah yesterday.
I am delighted with the result – it looks really good – completely re-vitalized. You wouldn’t think it was around 80 years old! Many thanks to you and your team for a super job."
Roger HICKMAN | London N1

"Just a quick note to thank you for doing a marvellous job on our rug. We are delighted with the results."
Carolyn BENNETT | Hertfordshire EN6

"Dear RugArt, just a short email to confirm it was a pleasure to deal with you in connection with the cleaning and repair of our far eastern rug. It was refreshing to deal with someone both knowledgeable and enthusiastic within his profession.
Also, to know our old rug was in competent hands was important and we are very happy with the end result. Indeed, my wife and I feel that my dear late mother's rug has been given a new lease of life. Thanks again!"
Clive NEWELL | London N8

"Thank you for returning the Alpaca and we are very pleased with the finish and work done."
Best Regards
John PARK | Buckinghamshire HP5

"We would just like to say how pleased we are with your excellent service. We have recently had one of our rugs repaired with you as well as cleaned along with another larger rug. The rugs were collected promptly and the same for delivery after the work was completed. The staff whether on the phone or in person were courteous and very professional. The prices quoted were reasonable for the kind of work required and the price was adhered to.
We have no hesitation in recommending this company and we look forward to doing business with them again in the near future. Thank you."
Angela and Ian MACKAY | London SW1P

"Many thanks for attending to the two carpets. The repair and cleaning has been a great success. The colours are again bright and clear; the carpets shine. My wife & I are very pleased. The carpets have now been placed in a prominent position in our house. Thank you."
Cornelis VAN VESSEM | London N6

"We are delighted to have our Chinese rug back and looking so good. The large moth hole is completely invisible and washing has brought the colours and texture out as new. My Yavuz's scholarly advice was an added bonus.
Anna and Peter JEFFERSON SMITH | London SW4

"Our 80 year old Moroccan kilim rug has come back to life with newly vibrant colours and successful restoration. An excellent service from start to finish. Collection and delivery back made everything so much easier and the work was carried out promptly, professionally and in a friendly and helpful manner.
I would highly recommend Rug Art's services to prospective users."
Catriona PROTHERO | London N12

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received the rug last Thursday and am delighted with the result. Thanks!"
Katherine VALERI | Oxford OX3

"We are once again delighted with your work and with your prompt service; we have no hesitation in recommending you. The rugs are looking so much brighter since you cleaned them and we are particularly pleased with the repairs you carried out on the oldest one. Thank you too for all your help and advice.
Best Wishes"
Isobel and David RADFORD | London BR2

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